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View from the top…..

Why do we volunteer our time to work on the Festival Committee?

Pride, connection and community are the words that sum up the Festival of Business Woodley 2016 for me.

As I looked around the hall at the Oakwood Centre on the 9th November last year seeing the exhibitors and attendees having animated conversations and heard and felt the excitement and buzz in the air, I felt so proud of the organising committee and of the fabulous business community in Woodley and the surrounding areas.

I recall the Mayor, Councillor Jenny Cheng, saying that she had not realised how many fabulous businesses there were in the town.

This was our fourth Festival and it gets bigger and better every year and I am already looking forward to the 2017 Festival on the 5th October.

Jacqueline Harris (Breath of Fresh Air –

Jacqueline Harris

Introducing the presentations

I was so proud to be part of the 2016 Festival of Business in Woodley.

This was my second festival as part of the Committee, and it all started from being asked to take the minutes for the committee meetings – which I was reluctant to do!

I am so glad that I agreed, and that I have had the opportunity to work as part of a motivated team.

Jenni Wilson – (JW Admin Services –

Jenni Wilson

Manning the reception desk

A sense of a job well done in delivering another excellent festival by a team of volunteers who respect and work well together and along the way I have become to class as friends.

It is this friendship that enables the team to be candid, explore ideas and go about the task with a smile on their faces.

Not only is the Festival promoting what is good about Woodley businesses but it is also able to give something back to a local charity for the betterment of the community.

Mark Rozzier (Woodley United FC Ltd –

Mark Rozzier

Mark and the Woodley United FC stand

I have been a volunteer at the Festival of Business Woodley since its inception by Tom Clark in 2013 and been an active committee member since 2014. It has been fantastic to see it grow year on year – this year we had 35 exhibitors and the largest exhibition area so far. We even had a reserve list of businesses wishing to exhibit.

There was a fantastic buzz this year again and I felt honoured to have been an integral part of the extremely proactive committee in achieving such a successful event.

I am extremely passionate about doing business locally – it ticks so many of the right boxes! From a business perspective, 1AffordableCall, made numerous new connections, some of whom have become clients of ours.

We are already in full swing planning for the next one, which is on 5th October 2017, so please let me know if you are interested in exhibiting.

Phil Gibbs (1AffordableCall –

Phil Gibbs

Proud of his exhibition stand

It has been a privilege to serve on the Committee of the Woodley Business Festival and a wonderful opportunity to work with such a group of highly professional individuals who are dedicated to delivering a quality business festival. The team’s diverse range of backgrounds and talents have complemented each another, ensuring the success of the festival.

As an event planner, it has been a great opportunity to be involved in creating a successful event and to exhibit at the festival as well. The festival provided a valuable business connection which has enabled me to move my company forward in an exciting new direction.

I am looking forward to the next Festival of Business Woodley on 5th October, 2017.

Jennifer Brickwell (Jennifer Brickwell Event Management –

Jennifer Brickwell

Organising in full swing

It has been a great pleasure to work on the Festival committee for the last two years. As a local business owner I have enjoyed organising an event that brings together the local community and celebrates the great businesses that are in Woodley and the surrounding area.

The team members have worked so well together, each bringing a different skill set to the table, which has meant that we have been able to deliver a professional event which is growing each year.

It is also very rewarding as a volunteer to be able to give something back to a local charity as well, which this year was the Me2 Charity.

Karen Livingstone (Little Acorn Marketing –

Karen Livingstone

Getting the name badges ready

of the right

Festival of Business Woodley 2016 in quotes and pictures

We are now starting to put the plans together for the 2017 Festival of Business Woodley which will be on Thursday the 5th October.

As part of our planning for this year we have been looking back at the feedback we received last year and wanted to share some great testimonials with you.

So here is our look at the Festival of Business Woodley 2016 in quotes and pictures.

The exhibition in full swing

“We were delighted to host the Woodley Festival of Business again this year. It’s a wonderful opportunity from a Council perspective to meet local business men and women and see first-hand the range of businesses we have within our community. It was very well organised and included a nice variety of exhibitors. Addington School surpass expectation every year, providing a fantastic variety of savoury and sweet treats for participants and guests. The students were so engaging, keen to share what they love about their school and how they had prepared for the event.” Alison Mulvany – Venues and Bookings Manager, The Oakwood Centre

Promotion bags from sponsors – MFour Promotions

“Now that the dust has settled somewhat, I wanted to say what a great festival it was, and I thought it was really buzzing….

…there were real positives, more stands meant more networking, and there was a great buzz in the exhibitors’ hall. It’s pretty obvious the committee have got the planning side pretty much under control, which will allow more time for marketing in 2017. Each year has been better than the previous year, every reason to expect that 2017 will be even better too.

Phil Gowler’s exhibition stand

Speakers for the 2016 Festival

Which leads me on to the speakers. Great to see an all-female podium and they all had a really interesting message.” Phil Gowler – Woodley NLP

“It was a really good evening. I’d certainly like to be more involved in the future. It was very useful and nice to see the multitude of businesses in the area.” Craig Lawson – Skiplex

Delicious food served by Addington School

“Just to say congratulations on a very well organised event last night.
Some specific feedback for you:
• Venue was really good – light, clean, plenty of space.
• The quality of food was impressive – the school did an amazing job
• From a stand holder’s viewpoint – we were welcomed by friendly helpers who directed us where to go and where nothing was too much trouble.
• Felt there was a real buzz around the room.
• Value for money”
Denise and Graeme Hobbs – Hobbs Grainger Roitt

Great networking!

“I wanted to send you and your Woodley Business Club colleagues my congratulations on running a very good event last week – there was a real buzz in the room and I made some interesting new contacts (already knew quite a lot of people there too!).” Nikki Ochtman – RG10 Magazine

Another exhibitor enjoying the evening

And to finish…..

Keith Baker, Woodley Town Council Leader, included the Festival of Business Woodley as one of his 6 highlights for 2016 in the Conservatives Christmas Newsletter.

Highlights in 2016

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Meet the committee – Jennifer Brickwell

Member of the Woodley Festival of Business Committee

My name is Jennifer Brickwell, Director of Jennifer Brickwell Event Management Limited, an events management company that specialises in bespoke events, creating impact and influence. We cover a wide range of events from large corporate events, charity functions and special family occasions.

As a local business owner, it was a privilege to be asked to join the organising committee for the Woodley Business Festival. It is great to be part of a team who are contributing to the local business community by strengthening business connections and helping to create new business opportunities. My expectation is that the Woodley Business Festival will be an event that reaps many rewards.

To help you prepare for the festival I wanted to share my thoughts on what I believe are the key elements for a successful event.

A good event can reap many rewards. From a business perspective, it can promote your name and help people to connect with your brand. It provides an opportunity to make face-to-face connections and help to build relationships. It can also be an opportunity to fundraise and to increase awareness of a particular charitable cause.
Whether it is a business conference or a fundraising event, what are these key elements?
1. Consider the why, who, where and when of the event:
• Is there a market for this event?
• Is it relevant and interesting?
• Does it meet a need?
• Who is your event suitable for?
• What will their expectations and needs be?
• Choosing the right venue will have the largest impact on your event.
• You will need a good understanding of the budget, the number of attendees and type of event (e.g. formal/informal).
• Try an on-line venue finder tool as a shortcut to the best venue.
• The date and duration are key points. The venue will need to be booked well in advance (at least 6 months).
• It is worth exploring whether there are similar events on or around that date.
• Are the venue and the speakers, performers etc available?
2. Make sure you have given yourself enough time to organise the event. Planning your event early is critical- starting late is risky, no matter how big the budget.
3. Event content is critical so it is important to have a central theme and align the content with your audience. Make sure it is engaging, inspiring and relevant.
4.Throughout the event planning process, from venue selection to creating the website, make sure you set goals, think strategically and aim to exceed participant expectations. Then your event will be a success
And remember…. It always seems impossible until its done- Nelson Mandela
If you would like to discuss event management with me in more detail or explore how I can assist you with your event, please give me a call on 07866 865655 or email me at

The Tricks of the Trade-show

Getting the most out of an exhibition

How many times have you come away from a trade-show wondering whether it was really worth all the effort?

It is easy to attend or invest in exhibiting at trade-shows and walk away feeling concerned about the investment you made and when you might see a return.

Exhibitions can be seen as a big investment, particularly by a small business, but by investing in the short term, you can reap the benefits in the long term.

What steps can you take to secure more business from events?

To ensure that the time invested is valuable you need to make a plan.

Here are 7 steps which will shorten your sales cycle and help you invest your time most effectively.

Step 1: Work on your 30 second advert

In working with clients one thing is clear, 30 second adverts should be the sharpest blade in our ‘swiss-army knife’ of ‘selling’ techniques.

At a well-attended trade-show you are going to deliver your 30 second advert 100’s of times. You only get one shot to capture their attention and make them want to learn more.

Having a well-crafted 30 second advert is a must for making effective connections at trade-shows.

Learn more about crafting 30 second adverts that work here: :30 or less: How to make a lasting impression; fast!

Step 2: Begin with the end in mind

Stephen Coveys advice is essential.

Why did you decide to attend this particular event?

• Are you selling on site?
• Gathering leads?
• Qualifying leads?
• Launching a product or service?
• Meeting or negotiating with existing customers?

You can’t make your clients and prospects do what you want. You can only manage your behaviour to reach your objectives.

Be clear on what outcomes will make it worth the investment.

If you aren’t completing sales on site, measure qualified conversations, disqualifications and how many agree to a next step with you. You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

Know what actions you are committed to taking, post event, to get the best results and return. Take time out to track and evaluate the events you attend or exhibit at as part of your prospecting mix.

Be clear on what works and what doesn’t.

To get the most from your event attendance, begin with the end in mind.

Step 3: Be clear on your process

To maximise your investment in any event you need a system.

Be clear on what works and what doesn’t.

If you won’t be concluding your deals on site, is your goal to qualify and get an off site meeting with the decision makers?

Is it more time effective to have short initial meetings at the show?

Make sure you decide and share your proposed agenda with the people you meet.

The single biggest reason people stop investing in trade-shows is because they generate little business from them.

The single biggest reason people generate little business from trade-shows is because they do not follow up after the show.

The event doesn’t end when you leave. That’s when the important work starts.

Make sure you follow up with all the leads you’ve generated and all the people you’ve spoken to. Your goal should be to keep your business at the front of your prospects’ minds.

You do this by staying in touch after the event. This increases the chance of converting your leads into sales.

If you are going to send emails to people, make them personal to them.

Staying in touch on a regular basis helps maximise your long-term return from the event.

Step 4: Go for the appointment

Is it a ‘deal making’ event or a ‘lead gathering’ event?

If your event is ‘deal making’ style, start early.

Make sure the people you really want to meet are going to the event. Send them invitations in advance to encourage their attendance.

Dedicate time, in advance, filling your diary with your hot list, the people you know are at the event that you really want to meet.

Have a clear agenda for your meetings. Don’t be afraid of having short ‘meet and greet’ meetings.

Events are a great way to establish an early connection with a contact, that might otherwise be difficult to connect with in the ‘cut and thrust’ of a normal business day.

You may find they welcome the opportunity for a quick word without having to take an hour out of the day.

Is the event more of a ’lead gathering’ style? If so, you still need to be ready to make appointments.

If you have a stand, be prepared for walk ups, and be ready to book appointments with those prospects that qualify for a meeting.

Have your diary to hand, whether digital or paper, know when you are free so you can make it easy to book that valuable time with qualified prospects.

For all meetings, make sure you get mobile phone numbers and email addresses. Don’t just confirm the meeting by email – include an agenda. Send them the meeting as an online appointment request as well

Step 5. Make the date on the spot

Don’t say “I’ll call you next week to fix a time.”

Don’t take “give me a call next week.”

Don’t be the one flicking through your phone to look for a time that works for you both to have that follow up call or meeting.

Have a printed diary with you. If you don’t use a paper diary, then print out your online diaries for the next 2-3 months.

If you can drop an electronic diary invite to confirm the meeting or phone call whilst you are speaking with them. Follow up quickly after the event with an email agenda and preparation for the next meeting.

Selling is a slight-edge sport. This is one simple step in developing faster follow up and not losing momentum.

Our clients tell us that more of those post event calls actually happen because it’s in their prospects diary too.

Step 6. Block time out in your diary

Do you set aside enough time to follow up post event?

Do you factor in the time it takes to get back up to speed when you return to the office?

Block out time in your diary so you can follow up promptly.

Allocate time for next step meetings and calls post event.

Make sure you factor in time to catch up with other work.

If other staff can or will support you in the follow up, make sure they have time blocked out too.

Step 7. Look like you are their because you want to be

Some of my clients work with me specifically because I have seen and met their teams at trade-shows.

Here’s why?

  • Their people were busy on the mobile phones when I visited their stand.
  • Their people were busy chatting to each other when I visited their stand.
  • Their people were nowhere to be seen when I visited their stand.
  • Their people looked like they had a hood put over the head, been thrown in the boot of a car and dragged hostage-like to the event.

If you are going to maximise the number of connections, you make and the relationships you are going to build; tell your face.

Look like you are where you are supposed to be, because you want to be there, you want to meet people and are open for business.

With the right preparation and process, exhibitions provide an excellent platform for building brand awareness and generating sales leads.


I’m David Davies, Managing Director of Sandler Training Thames Valley. Sandler Training is the world leader in innovative sales, leadership and management training.

We are a sales training and business development company. We work with businesses to improve their sales, whether it be quality or quantity.

Typically, we work with business owners and senior professionals who already have a good business, but are perhaps not growing their business as fast as they believe they can or feel that something is not quite right and are unsure what that is.

Often, they tell me that they are really good at what they do, but are not that comfortable ‘selling’ what they do. Some common challenges they share with me are;

• they are confused at the low sales return on their wealth of marketing investments

• they are frustrated at the time they spend on proposals and sales opportunities that never close?

• they are tired up of giving away margin to win new business?

It all starts with a conversation.

If you want to get 90 minutes of my time, at no cost to you, to talk about improving your sales performance, building predictable revenues, successful long-term client retention and creating more profit for your bottom line you can contact me on:

Phone: 0118 969 1752

Mobile: 07773 397810


Meet The Committee – Mark Rozzier

Mark Rozzier - member of Festival of Business committee

My name is Mark Rozzier, and I am a member of the organising committee for Woodley’s Festival of Business.  I am also Director and General Manager of Woodley United FC Ltd.

This is my second year as a member of the committee, having previously been a regularly attendee of the monthly Woodley Business Club meetings, which I am really pleased has now been relaunched again. My responsibility on the committee is for Public Relations and guiding committee members through the planning of the annual festival which this year is on Wednesday 9th November 2016 at Oakwood Centre, Woodley.

Apart from two brief spells, I have lived in Woodley since 1966 witnessing the growth of the town to the vibrant community it is today. I am happy to say that Woodley is a place I am proud to live in and contribute to. Being part of the committee is important to me as I am helping to raise its profile with those I come into contact with.

The skills I bring to the festival planning have been acquired with over thirty years working for Prudential in Reading that included roles responsible for process improvement / re-engineering, Customer Service Manager, Operations Manager and Finance Manager responsible for the UK Banking & Treasury team.

I have been involved in local football since the later 1980s and see Woodley United FC as a big part of the community providing football from pre-school to adult, being involved in local schools, supporting community events and working with local businesses to promote their brand and goods.  Further details about the club can be found at or by contacting me at or 07703 474555.

Me2 Club announced as chosen charity for 2016

The me2 club is the chosen charity for 2016 - Festival of Business Woodley

The Festival of Business is organised by members of the Woodley Business Club, a non-profit making organisation.  It is designed to bring businesses of Woodley together and to celebrate the strong business community, with money raised donated to a local charity.

Therefore we are really excited to announce that the chosen charity for 2016 is Me2 Club, a registered charity that enables children and young people with additional needs who live in Wokingham Borough to access mainstream leisure activities. These activities include Scouts, Youth Clubs, and Sports etc.  This is achieved through providing trained volunteers that offer 1-1 support, and training activity leaders in disability and inclusion.

In selecting Me2 Club Jacqueline Harris, Chairperson Festival of Business Woodley commented “Me2 Club is a fabulous organisation that is based in Woodley and does some great work in making a difference to, not just the children and young people themselves, but to their families too.  I am delighted to be supporting them with proceeds from the Festival this year.”

In response Tess Eagles, Me2 Club Manager said: “We are delighted to be selected as Woodley Business Club’s charity of 2016.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to raise our profile in the Woodley area and be part of a successful business event.”

The Me2 Club were winners of the Queen’s Award in 2011 and are an approved Provider for Mentoring and Befriending Foundation

More details about the Me2 Club can be found their Facebook page – and why not follow them on twitter at @Me2club

Meet the Committee – Introducing our Chair

Hello I am Jacqueline Harris, Director of Breath of Fresh Air and Chair of the Festival of Business Woodley organising committee.

This will be my third year on the committee and my second year as Chair and you may be wondering why I am involved. I have lived and worked in Woodley for 17 years and think that it is a great place to live and work.

Until I discovered Woodley Business Club and the Festival 3 years ago I did not realise how many amazing businesses there are in the town as they are all tucked away. I had been networking all over the Thames Valley and had not looked on my doorstep. Not only do I want to spend less time in my car and do business locally but I want to enable others to do the same.

What I have also discovered, through being part of the committee, is how great it is to work with a team of people who come from different backgrounds and industries and who bring a variety of talents and skills.

In the meadowSo what do I bring to the Festival Committee? I love well run meetings (this is one of the subjects that I train people in) and I am an experienced chair and facilitator. I believe that I am a good organiser, coordinator and communicator, or at least I try to the best of my ability.

I also hope that I bring my leadership skills to the team as in a previous life I was recognised with a world award for my leadership and management skills within a voluntary organisation.

For my day job, I am an Executive Coach and Trainer and help business leaders and their teams understand exactly what they want and identify and learn how to get it. I do this through strategic planning, one-to-one coaching and group workshops. Our training topics include sales, customer service, leadership and management and team development.

Some of the work we do is indoors and some outdoors using our unique Breath of Fresh Air® walking workshops. There are some fantastic open spaces in and around Woodley and I meet a lot of my coaching clients at Dinton Pastures.

If you have any questions about the Festival or would like to explore how I can help you and your business to realise your aspirations, deliver your strategy or handle some challenges, call me on 0118 9690783 and email me at

The Festival of Business Woodley makes a donation to local charity

Arrhythmia Alliance – Lilly-May Page

Working as chair and volunteer on the committee for the Festival of Business Woodley is hard work but very rewarding in a number of ways, one of which is the satisfaction of being able to make a donation to a local charity.

The Festival is run as a not for profit event and therefore any additional funds raised are donated to a charity of choice by the committee, that year.  For the 2015 Festival it was agreed that the committee wanted to support a local charity and chose, The Arrhythmia Alliance – Lilly-May Page Charity. The Lilly-May Charity was set up by Claire Page, the mother of Lilly-May Page-Bowden who died at the age of 5 years old from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) after being picked up from Woodley’s Willow Bank Infant School in May 2014.  The charity is committed to and is successfully raising funds that has resulted in the purchase and installation of defibrillators in Woodley schools.

Lilly-May Page Charity donationThe committee invited Claire Page along to the Oakwood Centre in March 2016 to present her with a cheque for the money raised from the Festival of Business Woodley events for 2015.
In making the presentation Jacqueline Harris, chair of the committee, said “I am delighted to make this donation to a local charity which is doing outstanding work in raising the importance of installing and training in the use of defibrillators. This a tremendous example of local people coming together to benefit their community”.

More information on the Lilly-May Page Charity charity can be found on the Lilly-May Website

Festival of Business Woodley Gallery

The Festival of Business Woodley was a huge success with over 100 businesses connecting together on the day. We have had many great recommendations come from the show and look forward to 2016.

A special thanks to Jonathan Cleaver of 360 Media Studio Limited for taking the photos at the 2015 Festival of Business Woodley event.

360 Media Studio

360 Media Studio

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