Exhibitors 2016

Exhibitors confirmed for the 2016 Festival of Business Woodley Event.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the 2017 Festival on 11 October, please contact Phil Gibbs

1 Company Name: 1AffordableCall
Type of Business: Business telecoms & IT services
Contact: Phil Gibbs 1AffordableCall

L Company Name: Links2Leads
Type of Business: Marketing/Social Media (LinkedIn)
Contact: Rachel Tombs Website: Links2Leads

R Company Name: The Rotary Club of Loddon Vale
Type of Business: charity
Contact: Trevor Barber Website: The Rotary Club of Loddon Vale

E Company Name: EZPZ Travel
Type of Business: Travel & Concierge company
Contact: Sab Kulan Website: EZPZ Travel

H Company Name: Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP
Type of Business: Accountancy and Tax
Contact: Denise Hobbs Website: Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP

A Company Name: ACT Systems
Type of Business: IT Support
Contact: Grant Payne Website: Act Systems

F Company Name: Finch Group
Type of Business: Commercial Insurance
Contact: Claire Young Website: Finch Group

W Company Name: Woodley United FC
Type of Business: Sport/health
Contact: Mark Rozzier Website: Woodley United FC

A Company Name: Active FM
Type of Business: Office design, build, furnish
Contact: Adrian Powell Website: Active FM

J Company Name: Jennifer Brickwell Event Management
Type of Business: Event management
Contact: Jennifer Brickwell Website: Jennifer Brickwell Events

F Company Name: Forever Living
Type of Business: Healthier Lifestyle
Contact: Jill Whyatt Website: Forever Living

W Company Name: Woodley Business Club
Type of Business: Networking
Contact: Holly Thorne Website: Woodley Business Club

A Company Name: ABL Photography
Type of Business: Photography
Contact: Asya Barskaya Website: ABL Photography

L Company Name: Litenow
Type of Business: Lighting specialists
Contact: Steve Hiscox Website: Litenow

A Company Name: The Head Partnership Solicitors
Type of Business: Solicitors
Contact: Richard Rodway Website: The Head Partnership Solicitors

C Company Name: Concept Lettings
Type of Business: Letting agents
Contact: Julia Stewart Website: Concept Lettings

B Company Name: Business in a Bag
Type of Business: Health/Beauty
Contact: Helen Cairens Website: Business in a Bag

M Company Name: Nick Martin Studio Photography Portraits    
Type of Business: Photography
Contact: Nick Martin Website: Nick Martin Studio Photography Portraits

W Company Name: Where’s Your Website
Type of Business: Website Design And Online Marketing
Contact: Issy Wiggins-Turner Website: Wheres Your Website

1 Company Name: 10-12 Business Club
Type of Business: Networking
Contact: Karen Livingstone Website: 10-12 Business Club

K Company Name: Kefron
Type of Business: Document Management
Contact: Pia Brennan Website: Kefron

P Company Name: Philip Gowler
Type of Business: Wellbeing specialist
Contact: Philip Gowler Website: Phil Gowler

H Company Name: Hewetts Solicitors
Type of Business: Legal Advice
Contact: Elizabeth Bettes Website: Hewetts

S Company Name: Sandler Thames Valley
Type of Business: Training Sales
Contact: David Davies Website: Sandler Thames Valley

B Company Name: Blue Moose Graphics Company
Type of Business: Graphics, printing, design
Contact: Martyn Allen Website: Blue Moose Graphics Company

J Company Name: JW Admin
Type of Business: Admin services
Contact: Jenni Wilson Website: JW Admin

L Company Name: Lydia Butler Design
Type of Business: Graphic Design
Contact: Lydia Butler Website: Lydia Butler

V Company Name: VisionOn Systems
Type of Business: Security/Surveillance
Contact: Duncan Ross Website: VisionOn Systems

C Company Name: Climate Change Centre Reading
Type of Business: Graphic Design
Contact: Carl Website: Climate Change Centre Reading

A Company Name: Aqualicity
Type of Business: Water coolers & Drinking water
Contact: Mark Thompson Website: Aqualicity

A Company Name: Addingtons School
Type of Business: Education
Contact: Jean Lee Website: Addingtons School

B Company Name: Barnes Fitness
Type of Business: Fitness/health
Contact: Mark Thompson Website: Barnes Fitness

R Company Name: RG10 magazine
Type of Business: RG10 – local magazine
Contact: Nikki Ochtman Website: RG10 magazine

S Company Name: Storage King
Type of Business: Self Storage
Contact: Dan Baker Website: Storage King

O Company Name: The Oakwood Centre
Type of Business: Events venue
Contact: Alison Mulvany Website: The Oakwood Centre

M Company Name: Me2 Club
Type of Business: Charity enabling children with additional needs
to take part Contact: Tess Eagles Website: Me2 Club

If you are interested in attending this years’ event please click the “Book Now” link below:

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