Is your website exhibition ready?

Is your website exhibition ready?

When you’re planning for an event, you doubtless spend a lot of time ensuring your exhibition stand is eye catching, you have plenty of business cards and flyers and you’ll probably spend some time brushing up on your elevator pitch to get it just right!

However, how much time do you put into the follow up process?  After the event, you’ll probably spend time contacting people you met but it’s likely that a prospect, if they’re interested in what you’re offering, will have looked at your website to find out more about you before you get the chance to call them.  If your website doesn’t tie in with what you’d discussed at the event then it’s possible all the effort you put into it will be derailed.

We’d recommend you take a bit of time to review your website before the event to make sure it’s fit for purpose.  In particular, you need to ensure it’s communicating a message that is consistent with what you were saying at the event and that the content resonates with your audience.

You may wish to consider the following –

Case Studies and Testimonials

Are they up to date and are they of your best/most relevant clients?  Are they appropriate for the event audience?  For example, if you were exhibiting at an education event then you need to ensure you have a few education related case studies listed. You may wish to move them to the top of the list for a week or two after the event.

Blog and news sections

Are these up to date?  If your last post was from 6 months ago then now’s the time to write something!  Take the opportunity to write something that’ll resonate with the event audience – it’s a great chance to show your expertise and maybe even provide something to talk about at the event. i.e. “Actually, we’ve just written a blog post on this very subject…”

Social Media Feeds

See above!  Make sure they’re up to date and relevant.


Do these reflect what you were discussing at the event?  If you spent some time talking about a particular service you offer but there’s no mention of it on your website then that’ll raise a few concerns!  Ensure that your offering on the website matches what was said at the event.

Look and feel

Does it match the branding of your event banner and business cards?  If not then look at what you can do to bring the two in line with each other.  If your branding isn’t consistent then it creates a poor impression (it makes you look a little chaotic) and can confuse your prospects (they may not be sure if they’re on the right website).

Messaging and content

Do the benefits and USPs of your product or service on your website match the benefits and USPs you talked about at the event?  These need to match up if you’re to look credible.  Again, if you were at an education event then you may wish to amend your website content to resonate with that particular audience.

Updating your website

If you don’t have a content management system like WordPress for your website then it may be tricky to update your website. In this instance, we’d recommend you create a list of the changes you’d like to make and talk it through with your website developer.  They should be able to recommend an approach that’ll work for you.


In general, you want to ensure your website builds on the good work you put in at the event so when a prospect goes to check you out they feel even more comfortable about working with you.  As always, we’d suggest putting yourself in the mind of your prospects and looking at your website from their point of view – how do you think it comes across?

If you find that you have prospects calling you a few days after the event then you’ll know you’ve done a good job!

About the author

Gregor Spowart is the managing director of Mass Media Design, a creative web design and marketing agency based in Reading.   MMD is the proud sponsor of the Festival of Business Woodley 2017.