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M Four Promotions LightThe team at M-four are:

Ruby Salter, Sales Office Manager. Ruby looks after all the new enquiries and quotes, while also ensuring that we source the most appropriate products for our clients’ briefs. Ruby oversees

Our apprentice, Charlie Newey, who is just finishing her 2nd year apprenticeship and predominantly manages our order processing system. Charlie has been with us since she left school and has learnt the business from the bottom up. Ruby also manages our accounts team making sure all invoices are issued on time after we process a job and also paid on time when we buy goods.

Megan Henderson has been taking care of our accounts for the last three years but is about to go off to University to study Psychology, after working with us for three years she will find that a breath of fresh air! She is handing over to Sophie Taylor who is looking forward to working with us at M-four Promotions and growing and developing in the role.

M Four Promotions Luggage tagAs main sponsors of the Festival of Business we are looking forward to meeting local business owners and helping local businesses with their development and growth in the coming months and years. Having been through the worst recession in memory, I feel that I have a huge amount of business expertise and am happy to help new up and coming businesses reach their full potential.

When I started M-four Promotions I knew that I wanted to run a 1 million pound business but had no idea how to get there; with the help of coaches and mentors along the way 10 years later we are getting there. Remember Rome was not built in a day!


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