Exhibitors 2017

The 2017 Festival of Business Woodley is pleased to present their local business exhibitors below.

Company Name: 1AffordableCall
Type of Business: Business telecoms & IT services
Contact: Phil Gibbs 1AffordableCall

Company Name: Little Acorn Marketing
Type of Business: Marketing/Social Media (LinkedIn)
Contact: Karen Livingstone Website: Little Acorn Marketing

Company Name: Jennifer Brickwell Event Management
Type of Business: Event management
Contact: Jennifer Brickwell Website: Jennifer Brickwell Events

Company Name: Woodley United Football Club
Type of Business: Sport
Contact: Mark Rozzier Website: Woodley Football Club

Company Name: Addington School
Type of Business: Education
Contact: Emer Moore Website: Addington School

Company Name: Arc Counselling Charity
Type of Business: Charity
Contact:  Paul Cassidy Website: Arc Counselling

Company Name: Forever Living
Type of Business: Healthier Lifestyle
Contact: Jill Whyatt Website: Forever Living

Company Name: Active FM
Type of Business: Office design, build, furnish
Contact: Adrian Powell Website: Active FM

Company Name: RG10 Marketing
Type of Business: RG10 – local magazine
Contact: Nikki Ochtman Website: RG10 magazine

Company Name: Tutor Doctor
Type of Business: Education
Contact: Joanna Butler Website: Tutor Doctor

Company Name: 360 Media Studios
Type of Business: Photographer
Contact: Jonathan Cleaver Website: 360 Media Studios

Company Name: Eventu
Type of Business: Event Services
Contact: David Riley Website: Eventu

Company Name: Paula Bicknell Wealth Management
Type of Business: Financial Services
Contact: Paula Bicknell Website: Paula Bicknell Wealth Management

Company Name: Sittingwell Limited
Type of Business: Backcare Products
Contact: Rachael Wall Website: Sittingwell Limited

Company Name: Natwest Bank
Type of Business: Banking
Contact: Yani Fernando Website: Natwest Bank

Company Name: Me2 Club
Type of Business: Charity enabling children with additional needs
Contact: Tess Eagles Website: Me2 Club

Company Name: Stratagem IPM Ltd
Type of Business: Intellectual property management solutions
Contact: Abigail Woodhouse Website: Stratagem IPM

Company Name: TimeFinders
Type of Business: Senior Life Specialists
Contact: Heather Fergusson Website: TimeFinders

Company Name: Home Instead
Type of Business: Senior Life Specialists
Contact: Melissa Johnson Website: Home Instead

Company Name: Spring Technology Systems
Type of Business: Leaders in Cloud Technology
Contact: Neeraj Parihar Website: Spring Technology Systems

Company Name: Verbatim, the Telephone Reception Service
Type of Business: Call Answering Experts
Contact: Nick East Website: Verbatim

Company Name: Breath of Fresh Air
Type of Business: Corporate Training & Coaching
Contact: Jacqueline Harris Website: Breath of Fresh Air

Company Name: Where’s Your Website
Type of Business: Website Design And Online Marketing
Contact: Issy Wiggins-Turner Website: Wheres Your Website

Company Name: JW Admin
Type of Business: Admin services
Contact: Jenni Wilson Website: JW Admin

Company Name: The Oakwood Centre
Type of Business: Events venue
Contact: Alison Mulvany Website: The Oakwood Centre

Company Name: V4You
Type of Business: Vending solutions
Contact: Jamie Stuart Campbell Website: V4You

Company Name: Woodley Business Club
Type of Business: Networking
Contact: Holly Thorne Website: Woodley Business Club

Company Name: Mass Media Design
Type of Business: Web Design
Contact: Gregor Spowart Website: Mass Media Design

Company Name: Philip Gowler
Type of Business: Wellbeing specialist
Contact: Philip Gowler Website: Phil Gowler

Company Name: HR Department 
Type of Business: Human Resources
Contact: Alison Tinsley Website: HR Department

Company Name: Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP
Type of Business: Accountancy and Tax
Contact: Denise Hobbs Website: Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP

Company Name: The Cook Curry Club
Type of Business: Quality Home Cooked Indian Food
Contact: Kran Sindh: The Cook Curry Club

Company Name: Touring Sport
Type of Business: Sporting Educational Operator
Contact: Jem Hancock Website: Touring Sport

Company Name: Waitrose
Type of Business: Supermarket
Contact: Hannah Taylor Website: Waitrose

Company Name: Atkins Health & Well Being
Type of Business: Health & Well Being
Contact: Debbie Atkins Website: Health and Well Being

Company Name: Marbella Recruitment
Type of Business: Recruitment
Contact: Padma Knowles Website: Marbella Recruitment

Company Name: Tropic Skin Care & Beauty
Type of Business: Skin Care & Beauty
Contact: Anne-Marie Westram Website: Tropic

Company Name: Advantage Print Room
Type of Business: Digital Print Room
Contact: Denise Weait Website: Advantage Print Room

Company Name: Round and About Publications Ltd
Type of Business: Magazine Publishers
Contact: Luke Maitland Website: Roundabout

Company Name: Litenow
Type of Business: Electrical Contractor
Contact: Steve Hiscox Website: Litenow

Company Name: Age Concern Twyford Give & Take Care
Type of Business: Community Interest & Charitable Causes
Contact: Gordon Holmes Website: Age Concern Twyford Give &Take Care

Company Name: Dexter Montague LLP Solicitors 
Type of Business: Solicitors
Contact: Asim Munir Website: Dexter Montague LLP Solicitors